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Welcome to Los Caballos Pequenos/Sourpuss Designs

To view costumes or a color gallery please click on one of the pictures below. All prices, policies, and other details are on the orders page.

Last update = August 23, 2006

- More pictures of my newest work coming soon!

NAN 2006 Update - I sent 9 custom models, 8 received a top 10. I received 1 National Champ and 2 National Reserves. Congrats to: Lizzy McGuire, The Cabanna Boy, El Duende, Prison Bitch, Bad Guy Whiskey, Precious Bunny, Jack Twist and last but not least - HELGA! You will get them next time Don Diego, don't let a shipping rub get you down!

NEWS FLASH!!! - I stared in a 3 minute TV Spot and commercial for Boston market earlier this year. Helga and my Rose Resins were featured. It was a very exciting for us.

NEWS FLASH!!! - Los Caballos/Sourpuss Designs entered 49 custom entries at the Region 2 Championship Show 2005. 45 of those entries Top 5'd. I won 4 division champs, 6 division reserves, Overall Grand simple custom, Overall Grand Artist Resin and Reserve Best of Show - 2005! I received a Champ or Reserve in EVERY mini A/R division I entered in.

NEWS FLASH!!! - NAN 2005 Update - Sourpuss Designs came home with a total of 26 NAN Top 10's in Cm/AR, 3 National Champions and 6 National Reserve Champions in CM/AR. I also won 4 Top 10's in OF and Performance. Kirby won the NAN cat hair contest - a fitting tribute to my late stinklepuss.

NEWS FLASH!!! - My little sourpuss, Kirby, passed away June 19th 2005. She was 19 years, 3 months old and loved very much. She is missed.

NEWS FLASH!!! - Los Caballos Pequenos/Sourpuss Designs entered 50 custom models and 43 of them placed in the Top 5 at the Region 2 Championship show 2004. My work received several Championships and Reserves as well.

My books are closed for a short time, thanks for all the custom orders and purchases!.

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