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The Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi


The six Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), located at Kharagpur, Bombay, Madras, Kanpur, Delhi and Guwahati are unique in many respects. Conceived in Mid-40's as a chain of new institutions, IITs were set up during the period 1951-63. In the words of the late Prime Minister Pandit Nehru IITs were expected - "to provide scientists and technologists of the highest calibre who would engage in research, design and development to help building the nation towards self-reliance in her technological needs".

Over the period of more than three decades since the IIT- system came into existence, it has established a worldwide reputation for excellence in undergraduate engineering education. While the academic programmes offered by different IITs differ in details, and there are significant variations in their traditions and conventions reflecting their initial and evolutionary environments, a distinct `IIT-spirit' has come to be recognized as the hall-mark of the IIT-system.


Key features of the `IIT-spirit' are:

   (i)            An undergraduate curriculum that places a strong emphasis on understanding of fundamental principles rather than specialized knowledge. The professional programme - built on the strong foundation of a Core Programme consisting of courses in sciences, humanities, technical-arts and engineering sciences and characterized by flexibility and autonomy to change and update the curricula.

(ii)            A composition student body selected, on an all-India basis through an exercise of free choice by the students based on their merit in Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). JEE has come to be recognized as the most credible and competitive entrance examination in the world, selecting for the IIT- system an outstanding undergraduate student body.

(iii)            A formidable faculty resource with educational, teaching and research experience in some of the leading academic and research institutions in the world; and enjoying the freedom to plan and implement teaching and research programmes according to their own perceptions.

(iv)            State-of-the-art basic infrastructure consisting of: teaching and research laboratories, library, computing environment, workshops etc., and other institutional and residential facilities on a modern campus.


AIESEC in Delhi IIT offers you students from The Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi with Bachelor of Technology in the following branches of engineering:

           Computer Science and Engineering

           Electrical and Electronic Engineering

           Mechanical Engineering

           Chemical Engineering

           Industrial and Production Engineering

           Manufacturing Technology

           Textile Engineering

           Civil Engineering


Number of Students : About 60 per stream of engineering


Duration :




8-10 Weeks


Final year students from all streams.

52-78 Weeks

Starting after June

Graduates from all streams.