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Welcome to Sprayberry Chinese Club!

       Would you like to sign in chinese? (e.g. Brent 布伦特) Ask us about your name in chinese!
       Do you know the world's population is 6,552,132,707 (Sept 2005) and there're more than    1,304,881,558 people speak chinese? Come on,it's time for you to join us!!! There're no chairs     for the late!!!
       Due: 2.00 $ ( for copy handout, for prize that give to the winner in the quiz!)

Member 社员 Prize 奖品

  Mr.Martin (216A)
  Luke Y. Mou
Vice President:
  Dae Woong Jun
  Bianka Perez

  A quiz will be hold once three weeks. If you be the No.1 in the quiz,you will get a study prize.(value up to $2.00)

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