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march 05 2004

_lisah speaking
okay this is the first version for my sister`s site. shen, i know your ass is gonna be reading this so, you wanted red, you got red! i need more pics of you & i need your email address & your findapix ID. email me at xswtpnay8o8x. oh yeah, send me pics of RJ too if you want him on your layouts. this is done for now. i`ll get you a guestbook. later so just chill. i gotta go get ready for work. fucka! oh & i`ll be teaching you how to blog at a later date. i`ll probably call you up after work. it`s not hard at all. & if you want more info on your info section then let me know what you want. ok, i think that this is it.
ok, i couldn`t find you a good customizable guestbook because the one that i have now charges $1.99 & i ain`t paying $2.00 just for people to leave you feed back :) yah know? so instead, i got you something from halo scan. at the top of every blog, where it says WORDS, your visitors can click on that & they can leave you a comment. got it? good. i`ll be making you a blogging tutorial in a while. so pay attention to the updates on this page. & you better be updating this page or else i will take it down. & don`t give your password to anybody else. i mean it. _edit _lisah

( the basics )
answers to the name shayna. 13 years old. located on the island of maui. residing in wailuku. 8th grader attending iao school. filipina. taken by RJ BIO. est. october 1st, 2003. cheer leader/track. a bitch to most people. often judged before people get to know me. labelled as a BITCH. "don`t talk shit, if you don`t know me." ENOUGH SAID

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*sister . jean