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You may say that there is something for every taste, all you have to do is make a wish ... and pay later.

A great number of sunny hours per year (2606), Mediterranean woods, rich flora and fauna, clear sea and the air full of aerosols are all the basis for the marvelous sports and recreational offerings on both land and sea.

Fishing is possible all year round, and on December 26. the underwater fishing tournament is held.

There are several schools where candidates are trained and provided with the necessary equipment. Veteran diving instructors accompany students on their researches along the bottom of the sea.

The wind which has the approximate strength of 3-5 meters per second allows recreation of this type year round. The seasonal school of surf is situated in the Cikat bay.

There is a seasonal sailing school in Cikat bay, and the sailing club from Mali Losinj organizes the regatta each year.

Hunting season starts in the autumn at the area of Punta Kriza. The season’s closure is celebrated with the traditional hunters' dinner.

Horseback riding
Both the riding school and organized trips on horseback can be found in Cunski.

There are a great number of tennis courts in Veli Losinj, Suncana uvala and Cikat, open all year round. In the spring time, ATP satellite tournaments are held in Losinj.

An open soccer field in Cikat and the mild climate has served for years as a recreational resort for many soccer clubs from Croatian A and B leagues.

The bowling hall in Suncana uvala is the organizer of the local tournaments and it is open all year round.

Bocanje (boccie)
(A traditional national sport similar to bowling) Around 10 fields in Veli and Mali Losinj are available for the fans of this old sport.

The karate club "Losinj" welcomes different international tournaments.

Parachute jumping
A small sport airport in Cunski has already welcomed two world competitions.
Mountain climbing

Rates Jan-April May-July Aug-Oct Nov-Dec
Hotel Royal $65-$90 $95-$120 $95-$120 $65-$95
Green Tree Hotel $100-$190 $170-$240 $195-$250 $90-$120
Hotel Fleche $80-$100 $120-$160 $150-$180 $80-$100
Cabot De Hotel $150-$195 $230-$300 $250-$300 $130-$195
Hotel Blue Water $80-$130 $120-$190 $130-$180 $80-$130




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