[adult swim] is my favorite tv program. No it is not porn! [as] is a series of cartoons and anime ranging from "Family Guy" and "Futurama" to "Inuyasha" and "Full Metal Alchemist". I love everything they play on [as] and I have to watch every night except fridays because it isn't on fridays. =/
Ah video games. My friends since 1985 or so when I first started getting into them. It all started with "Super Mario Bros."
I'm sure you can guess by the picture what this secontion of my page is about. Yes I looooooove cars! =D
How can anyone live without music. Music is something that touches people in different ways. It can make you feel good, sad, content, or even energetic. I love all kinds of music, you should too.
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[adult swim]
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