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Where did R.P.P. come from?

Most would say a mind locked away in an insane asylum but that would be giving them too much credit. (We've got to keep some credit for ourselves. :P)  Actually the whole thing started back in 1997 when two unsuspecting kids both mysteriously ended up in tennis class together. (Insert cheesy science fiction music)  Both supposedly sane at the time (can't say it was all a blur) were bored when their paths crossed.  To pass the time when boredom was present (which was oddly frequent) they'd joke about stuff like the Dick and Jane books or poke fun at the world in general.  Eventually they would make a few doodles that were at the time thought harmless.  Well 1998 came along and they again ended in the same class.  In this class they by some strange coincidence found time to be bored again. (Danger music)  Well in there boredom they created a couple of scripts (rendition of three little pigs, and dr. Franklinstein.)  Would it end there? HA! High school only accelerated it all.  By the time they got out of high school piles of scripts and stick figure doodling had been created.  Eventually the site came along and the rest is history.

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