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These are various items seen in toons and Strong Bad emails. They are not actual living things, although some might think they are (The Homestar Junior, Frank Benidetto, etc.).

Bear Holding a Shark ( this picture from SBE "date")

Bundt Cake Pan (SBE "two years")

Coach Z's Mouthwash ("The Best Decemberween Ever")

Compy 386 (this picture from SBE "invisibility")

Cow Lamp (SBE "caper")

Dangeresque's Car Phone (SBE "dangeresque3")

Discount Brick (SBE "the process")

Empty Soy Sauce Bottles (SBE "personal favorites")

Filled-Out Nametags ("The Luau")

Flaming Tofu ("The Luau")

Frank Benidetto (SBE "army")

Inspirational Posters (SBE "no loafing")

Marzipan's Answering Machine (this picture from "Where's the Cheat?")

Melonade (this picture from "A Jumping Jack Contest")

Never-ending Soda (SBE "anything")

No Loafing Sign (this picture from SBE "no loafing")

Not Aztec Gold (SBE "couch patch")

Nunchuck-Gun (SBE "dangeresque3")

Old Political Cartoon ("The Ballad of the Sneak")

Propellor Hat (this picture from Homestar Runner's character page)

Secret Security Monitor (SBE "date")

Sock on the Head (SBE "impression")

Strong Sad Voodoo Doll ("The Best Decemberween Ever")

Thatch-Roofed Cottage (these pictures from SBE "dragon" and "Trogdor_" game)

The Homestar Junior ("Where's the Cheat?")

The Job Tape ("A Jorb Well Done")

The Jolly Dumple (SBE "mascot")

The Serum (SBE "dangeresque3")

Wood Burning (SBE "no loafing")

X-acto Knife (SBE "dragon")