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These characters, objects, and... other... stuff... are only seen through SBEs (Strong Bad Emails), and nowhere else.

Bear Holding a Shark (this picture from SBE "date"; also in SBE "theme park")

Beth (SBE "kids' book")

Breakup in Strong Badia (SBE "two years")

Bundt Cake Pan (SBE "two years")

Burning Strong Sad's Dragon (SBE "dragon")

Casio Bad Gets Angry (SBE "crazy cartoon")

Compy 386 (this picture from SBE "invisibility"; in every subsequent SBE)

Cow Lamp (SBE "caper")

Dangeresque (this picture from SBE "stunt double"; also in SBE "dangeresque3")

Dangeresque's Car Phone (SBE "dangeresque3")

Dangeresque, Too? (SBE "dangeresque3")

Dating Simulator (SBE "date")

Discount Brick (SBE "the process")

Empty Soy Sauce Bottles (SBE "personal favorites")

Homestar Runner as Strong Sad (SBE "impression")

Homsar as Strong Sad (SBE "impression")

Hot Mama!/Hot Bees! (SBE "the process")

Inspirational Posters (SBE "no loafing")

Istanbul (SBE "dangeresque3")

Killingyouguy! (SBE "dangeresque3")

Lookalike Contest (SBE "impression")

Never-ending Soda (SBE "anything")

No Loafing Sign (this picture from SBE "no loafing"; also in various other (especially old) emails, like "12:00")

Not Aztec Gold (SBE "couch patch")

Nunchuck-Gun (SBE "dangeresque3")

Puffy The Cheat (SBE "two years")

Quincy (SBE "kids' book")

Rinaldo (this picture from SBE "dangeresque3"; also in SBE "stunt double")

Secret Collect (SBE "video games")

Secret Security Monitor (SBE "date")

Sock on the Head (SBE "impression")

Strongbadzone (SBE "video games"; counts although his head is in Main Page 21)

Stunt Double (this picture from SBE "stunt double"; also in SBE "dangeresque3")

The Cheat as Strong Sad's Left Leg (SBE "impression")

The Jolly Dumple (SBE "mascot")

The Serum (SBE "dangeresque3")

Thy Dungeonmaster (SBE "video games")

Wood Burning (SBE "no loafing")

X-acto Knife (this picture from SBE "dragon"; also in SBE "flag day")