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ENGINE DATA - Mitsubishi 4G33

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1.4 ,, 1439 cc, 1979-85, Engine Code 4G33 Ignition Data Ignition system type: CB Ignition coil make/type: Dia/LB-63 Supply voltage: 4.3 + Volts with ballast resistor Primary resistance: 1.4 Ohms Secondary resistance: n / a Ohms Distributor make/type: Mit/T3T 03872 Contact breaker gap/air: 0.5 mm Dwell angle: 49-55 Deg Ignition Timing - unleaded: 3/700 Deg eng/rpm (without vacuum) Ignition Timing - leaded: 3/700 Deg eng/rpm (without vacuum) Timing mark location: Pulley No 1 plug location: Pulley Firing Order: 1-3-4-2 Spark plug make: NGK Spark plug type: BP5ES Electrode gap: 0.75 mm Fuel System Fuel type: L/U Fuel pump type/pressure: Mech/0.26-0.36 bar Engine idle speed: 700  50 rpm Fast idle speed: n / a rpm CO level at idle speed: 2.5  0.5 Vol % Engine Data Valve clearance - inlet: 0.15 h mm (hot) Valve clearance - exhaust: 0.25 h mm (hot) Compression pressure: n / a bar Oil pressure: 0.8/700 bar/eng/rpm Radiator pressure cap: 0.9 bar/type Drive belt 1 - size: 9.5x813 KDB813 mm/type Drive belt 2 - size: n / a mm/type Electrical System Alternator output: 32/3000 Amps/eng/rpm Regulated output: 14.3-15.8 Volts Battery: 12/40 V/Ah Starter motor make/type: Mit/M3T12572 Other Data Clutch operation type: Cable Clutch adjustment: 20-30/Pedal mm Cambelt failure: n / a Cambelt Part Number: n / a Tyre pressures: 1.9(27)f 1.9(27)r bar (psi)