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Before the fun starts, you should check out the Pricing Page and the Design Tutorials page to help you determine how many items you want to order and for help putting your design together. After your design is ready, the rest is as easy as dropping us an email and sending us your designs. As soon as we receive payment, we'll get to work on your order. Depending on the size of your order.



Send an email to us with the following information.
(We can't run your order unless we have this information!)

Your Name:
Your Mailing Address:
Your Email Address:

Best way to contact you: (Email, AIM, Myspace, etc.)
The quantity of buttons you are ordering:
How many designs you are sending:
The file names of the design(s):
How many of each design are we making?
When do you need your items by?
What are your items for? (Website, band promotion, comic, etc...)
How did you hear about us?

Make sure the address is accurate! And of course...
Don't forget to attatch the designs!!



We accept all forms of payment. Money order and check can be made out to "RazorBlade Printing". If you are paying with money order, check, or cash please make sure it is well-concealed in your envelope. (Wrapping a piece of paper around the payment works just fine.) Then, mail it to:

RazorBlade Printing
775 Rowland Ave

Please keep in mind; though, that we cannot start production on your order until we receive your payment. It usually takes 4 days to a week for payment to arrive.


If you pay with Paypal we receive payment instantly and can get started on your items right away! The easiest way to pay is to
(1) Go to the Paypal website
(2) Click Send Money
(3) Enter the email "" and the total cost of your order, then you're set!

If you don't have a Paypal account, that's okay too! You can still pay using your credit card through the Paypal website!