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The Stuff I Love...Oh and A Little About Me Too

A little about me...Ok, I'm 22 years old and I live in Ft Campbell, Ky. My husband is a US Army soldier, and I couldn't be more proud. He was gone from July of 2002 and then came home and went to Iraq in February of 2003. During the war, we didn't get to communicate much, but that got better as everything settled down. He came home in January of 2004, and will be leaving again on September 14th, 2004 for Korea. This will be his second tour to Korea. I'm staying back at WONDERFUL Ft. Campbell Ky with our 3 year old daughter Leilani. Hopefully, I'll have a job this fall and I'm starting school again in January of 2005, so I'll stay busy. Til then...I'll be online lots talking with friends and doing other mindless things, lol. Let's see...a few things that I like to do are go to the movies, hang out with friends, go to Chattanooga and visit family. Going for walks with Leilani is something that I have started lately. I mostly just like to stay busy. I'll try just about anything at least once.

This is my daughter Leilani. She was born on July 9th, 2001. So far she is our only baby, but baby number 2 is on hold since Korea is approaching. Leilani and I will be here hangin out til he comes home. Leilani LOVES Disney Princesses, Barbie, The Winx, Spiderman, and her puppy Madison! She ADORES Strawberry Shortcake too. Lani loves to sing and dance and play outside!

My favorite things

My Favorite Web Sites

If you're dieting, this is a good place to come for support! Lots of posivie fun people on the forum so check it out!
Ah...American Eagle. I love this store!
Ft Campbell.....hell sweet hell, lol. Ok, so it's not THAT BAD.