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How does an airplane maneuver itself in the air??

It uses forces generated by the air moving around it which lift the airplane and control its flight.  Flaps called control surfaces on the wings and tail deflect the air to make the airplane climb, drive, turn, or roll  the pilot controls these surfaces from the cockpit using pedals and a control column.




An airship is the airborne equivalent of  a submarine. Most of the airships body is filled with helium, a light gas. This reduces its weight so that the up thrust from the air around the craft is sufficient to lift it by adjusting its buoyancy and by using its propellers, the airship can ascend ,descend, and maneuver with great precision




The rotor blades of a helicopter have the same shape as an airplane wing.  But because they circle rapidly , the blades can produce enough lift to move the helicopter vertically . By altering the pitch (angle) of the blades , the pivot can move the helicopter in any direction