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Oahu Piano, Theory, Improvisation and Composing Instruction

My name is John Tussey. I have been playing piano for more than fifty years. My music education includes private instruction in piano, composition, theory, orchestration, counterpoint, choral arranging, improvisation, advanced harmony and songwriting. Have played by ear since the age of six. In addition to being a keyboard recording artist, I am also an arranger, songwriter, instructor, accompanist, studio musician, author, speaker, and a writer member and publisher member of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. Have been teaching privately for more than 19 years. Established Keyboard Artistry in 2002. I am now publishing and distributing original piano solos and piano arrangements of old public domain hymns as well as my first book entitled, "Chord Progression Ideas for the Contemporary Pianist" through Keyboard Artistry.

On the island of Oahu, I teach beginners, intermediate and advanced levels of piano, and also offer training in contemporary music theory, improvisation and composition. My services include providing beginning, intermediate and advanced instruction in classical, contemporary, contemporary jazz, rock, blues and gospel styles as well as how to play with a band. I travel to the homes of all my students, saving them time and gas.

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In March, 2008, several of my original instrumentals were used in a local prime time TV documentary entitled, "WE SERVE: The Legacy of the Hawaii Lions." The DVD is now available with even more of my original music added to this expanded version of the TV broadcast.

Since 1996, I have recorded 13 keyboard CD's. The 12 most recent CD's can be purchased on iTunes and Amazon. My "Christmas Impressions" CD won a Hawaii Music Award in 2011.

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NEW! from Keyboard Artistry


Original piano solos and piano arrangements of public domain songs
in sheet music form for intermediate and advanced pianists.

Click on each of the titles to view a PDF file of the first page of the song.

Titles Include:

KA-001 - "What A Friend We Have In Jesus" - contemporary jazz arrangement

KA-002 - Cool Jazzy Blues" - blues with a technically and harmonically jazzy flare

KA-003 - "Sunrise At Kaneohe Bay" - improvisational contemporary easy-listening sound

KA-004 - Walk On The West Shore" - easy-listening with two Debussy-like sections

KA-005 - Springtime At Longwood" - contemporary with a classical influence

KA-006 - "All Jazzed Up" - contemporary jazz

KA-007 - "Groovin' Smooth" - contemporary jazz with a blues influence

KA-008 - "Gentle Wind" - easy-listening

KA-009 - "Ohia Lehua" - contemporary with an Asian influence

KA-010 - "Purple Blues" - blues with an attitude

KA-011 - Peaceful Healing" - serene and flowing

KA-012 - Inspire Me" - classic romantic sound

KA-013 - "I Surrender All" - contemporary arrangement with a jazz influence

KA-014 - "Livin' Free" - pop-rock

KA-015 - "Sunny Day At Mission Bay" - soft pop-rock

KA-016 - "West Coast Cool" - contemporary jazz

KA-017 - "Pleasant Reflections" - easy-listening with a Debussy-like section

KA-018 - "Teal Blues" - groovy blues

KA-019 - "I Dreamed I Walked Through Heaven's Paradise" - easy-listening, dreamy and ethereal

Including songs KA-002 thru KA-004

Please contact me at: for more information and pricing.

Keyboard Artistry specializes in publishing piano solos in the following styles:
Contemporary Pop, Soft Rock, Classic Pop, Gospel, Blues, Contemporary Jazz and Easy-Listening.

For brushing up skills or increasing musical competency, I have arranged Contemporary Music Theory Seminars throughout the year for Keyboardists and Guitarists (who understand the keyboard). Materials are included in the fee for this seminar.

Contemporary Music Theory Seminar Topics include:

1. Chord Building in Depth

2. Methods for Creating Chord Progressions and Tools for Composition including Diatonic Harmony, Circle of 5ths, Chromatic Harmony, 2-5-1, Extended Chords, Pivot Tones, Substitute Chords, Altered Chords, Quartal Harmony, Etc.

3. Methods for Improvising

4. Creating the Sounds of Rock, Blues, Gospel and Jazz

5. Using Chord Charts

6. Playing Effective Background Music (Padding)

All of these subjects are also taught privately.

I have played synthesizers for years and also teach how to play and arrange string and brass lines as well as other synth sounds.

Please contact me at 497-1512 or send an E-mail to

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