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In the anime Angelic Layer, children have electronic dolls called Angels. The owners, known as a "Deus," can have his or her Angel fight another in a complex battle arena known as the Angelic Layer. An adorable, pretty little Angel, Hikaru belongs to Misaki Suzuhara, and they are the main Deus and Angel pair starring in Angelic Layer. With agility and speed, Hikaru holds her own in the Layer.

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Favorite images:

~ Steph

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Favorite Scenes:

I loved the scene in Battle 3 where Wizard and Hikaru danced together! The expressions on Hikaru's face as she moved were just adorable, and she and Wizard almost seemed to have some secret chemistry going on!

So cute!

Hikaru and Wizard bustin' a move!

Big finish!

Ready for action now...

...and using her new dance/fighting style against her opponent, Quinn!

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Favorite links:

Angelic Layer Battle Command
Angel Fall In!
Angelic Fight!

~ Steph

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