Clinton Administration Counter Terrorism Initiative

I. Actions Already Announced by the President

(1) Pass the Omnibus Counter-Terrorism Act of 1995

(2) Provide more tools to federal law enforcement agencies fighting terrorism

(3) Conduct terrorism threat assessment of every federal facility in the country within the next 60 days. The President has directed the Attorney General to conduct this assessment and report her recommendations in 60 days. The assessment has already begun.

(4) Direct GSA to replace the federal building in Oklahoma City.

(5) Direct the FBI Director, the Attorney General, and the National Security Adviser to prepare a Presidential Decision Directive authorizing any and all further steps necessary to combat foreign and domestic terrorism.

II. New Legislative Proposals



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pearly gates

I will make a bargain with the Republicans.
If they will stop telling lies about Democrats,
we will stop telling the truth about them.

Adlai Stevenson

"Clinton's advisors met nearly weekly on how to stop bin Laden ...
I didn't detect that kind of focus from the Bush adminsitration."

Two Star General Donald Kerrick

"I don't believe any longer that it's a matter of connecting the dots.
I think they had a veritable blueprint and we want to know why they didn't act on it."

Senator Arlen Specter (R-pa)

"Of course Bush knew about the impending attacks on America . He did nothing to warn the American people, because he needed this war on terrorism. His daddy had Saddam and he needed Osama. His presidency was going nowhere. He wasn't elected by the American people, but placed in the Oval Office by the conservative Supreme Court; the economy was sliding into the usual Republican pits and he needed something to hang his presidency on. This guy is a joke. His silence was sleazy and contemptible."
Lt.Colonel Steve Butler

What Bush Knew Before 911
Lt.Col.Steve Butler's Letter