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Chartered by Manoa School APT

Pack 33

Kapiolani District
Aloha Council
Honolulu, Hawaii


What is Cub Scouting?
Cub Scouting is an entry program of the Boy Scouts of America (created in 1910) which provides boys with an environment that promotes citizenship, character, and physical and emotional fitness. While Boy Scouting in general is directed to boys, Cub Scouting is a family-oriented program where parents are a critical component of the program.

Why Manoa Pack 33?
Manoa Pack 33 is chartered by the Manoa Elementary School APT and has a long history (over 50 years) of providing fun and interactive programs for young boys.

A majority of our boys attend Manoa School but we have boys from other schools such as Noelani and Punahou.

Most of our Pack 33 cub scouts have brothers and sisters. Our Pack and Den activities usually incorporate sibling participation.

All of our Pack and Den Leaders are volunteers who have boys that are actively participating. Our leaders understand that your son and his family have commitments and interests outside of scouting. Our cub activities are scheduled with school and other extracurricular activities in mind.

Manoa Pack 33 has strong ties with the Manoa Boy Scout Troop 33. This allows boys to easily move into Boy Scouting.


How Often Do We Meet?
Pack Meetings are held once a month and Den Meetings once or twice a month.


What Are The Age Groups?
Tiger Den - First Grade or Age 7
Wolf Den - 2nd Grade or Age 8
Bear Den - 3rd Grade or Age 9
Webelos I -4th Grade or Age 10
Webelos II - 5th Grade


What Is The Cost?
The largest cost is the purchase of the cub scout uniform. Cost varies from $60 to $110 depending on the level (age) of the cub scout. Uniforms can be purchased at the Aloha Council Headquarters in Nuuanu. We also have a used uniform program to help reduce this cost - contact the Cubmaster.

Annual pack dues are $50 (for 2005-06). Make checks payable to "Manoa Pack 33". Pack dues cover all expenses for your scout.

Pack dues include the annual BSA registration, yearly subscription to Boy's Life Magazine (the monthly national boy scout magazine written to your son's age group), pack t-shirt (class B uniform), achievement badges & pins, next year's manual & neckerchief, Cub-O-Ree, Summer Day Camp, Family Overnight Camp, Webelos Camp, and kits (Pinewood Derby & Space Derby or Raingutter Regatta.)

Pack dues cover less than half of your son's expenses. We rely on participation in two fundraisers during the year - Popcorn Sales in the Fall and Makahiki Ticket Sales in the Spring. We are also fortunate to receive donations from individuals and community organizations.


Can I Be An Adult Leader?
YES! As parents "graduate" from cub scouting with their sons, the Pack has a constant need for new leaders to carry the program forward. Many new leaders have no Scouting background. It's on-the-job training, loads of fun, camaraderie, and bankable memories. As an adult leader, the principles of scouting become a meaningful part of your family. Priceless.

All leaders are required to be trained and qualified through Aloha Council programs. There are Adult Leader training programs given throughout the year. All training fees are paid by the Pack.


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