Nina's 411

Name: Nina Fernando

Birthday: March 22, 1988

Location: Fremont, CA

Age: 15...yes i'm shtill a baby gerl ! heehee

Nationality:65%Filipino(woohoo!ha2)25% Spaniard,and 10% Danish(no not the pastry !lol...scandanavian...u kno...where NORWAY is !haha...FYI to the DUMBASSES ! ha2)

My favorite things to do are:sleep,watch tv & movies,fuck around with frenz, shopping, dancing, singing, drawing, modeling(although i haven't done it in like 2 yrs),playing video games,rollerblading,writing poetry, lyrics, and what not...damn... so much more...

My favorite colors are black, blue, pink, silver, and white

Likes:honesty,trustworthy ppl,caring,REAL-sincere ppl...and all the good stuff with a cherry on top.

Dislikes:HA...damn this will take forever ! so imma try to squeeze all da major ones in... FAKE ppl,liars,flakers,backstabbers,insincere fuckers,idiots,ppl who try to be me or like me,jealous ppl, gossipers,kevin,itzel,ppl who try too hard,treefucker*ahem*,and a whole buncha other shtuff !

HoMe sWeEt HoMe