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My writting

Monday, 18 July 2005

Madame "song"
Mood:  on fire
Ignorence is bliss
your mind is not one i would miss
thoughts of stabing your heart
tourture is one place to start

O how all pain inside you, u transphere to me
bring me down to your borderline level
Your world of the firey sea
I see now in my mind you are the devil
Masochist of all cruel and untrue
can't hide the horns forever
If only everyone knew what lay inside of you

Every hurtful memory all the painful thoughts inside
the thought that keeps me awake at nite
the one i'll never hide
Is the horror of becoming
kill myself then be bitter like you
Death would be beter with out you

nicole jordan

Posted by hi5/nickole at 12:40 PM
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Love eyes "song"
Mood:  cheeky
Eyes so deep
Just forced me in my pace
Ur words are cut
Ur eyes have hit my face

Keep me from wanting you
those eyes
I kno we are not true
Those eyes
They tell me what your gonna do
Those eyes
Keep me from touching you

O to have your unhuman eyes
Those eyes i've learned to dispise
I fell for all the right lies
you can claim to change
But it can't be see in you eyes
The pain of this good bye

Nicole Jordan

Posted by hi5/nickole at 12:28 PM
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High to low "song"
Mood:  lazy
Afterwards the guilt has subsided
and im left to rethink my life
its the on fact thats can hurt
It can hurt you the most

That the strength to do
Has been filled with the strength to don't
Im left to make a life
Im reping what i sew

I find im not happy i've lived
the strenth to be alone
I find im left to plan more life then death
I find i am a stone

a safe laning can kill you mind
I've fallen through the clouds of my perfect time

nicole jordan

Posted by hi5/nickole at 12:23 PM
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My game
Mood:  caffeinated
I will never change to fit with you
Its easier just to use you
Finding comfort in new insanity
love+hate is all i'd need
Its easier to hate you more
Replaying words you've said before

I would never change this choice
Loving cringe as i hear your voice
Love not having to stay true to you
There is many beter then you

I have control of our day
Stop signs work to you to stay
I am in control with you
If i tell you to stop, what else could you do

How i love to use you
I hope that you are not catching on your girlfriend thinks absence makes the heart grow strong
How wrong is wrong?

hes catching on
my game is gone
Its time i moved on

Nicole jordan

Posted by hi5/nickole at 12:16 PM
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Love "song" short
Mood:  flirty
Wana get out
Left right round round
Circle of pattern circle of the mind
wana get out
Out and about
circle of confliction of the mind

Exploring new, finding true
helps to be away from you
Exploring true in our new
Helps to kill my pain with you
U manipulate to trap me with you
how much help are you

nicole jordan

Posted by hi5/nickole at 12:09 PM
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Fail "song"
Mood:  blue
Now Playing: ?
I wish i could have placed that sorrow on your face
I wish i could have been the one who caused you that pain
But the one you love has caused you to feel
At leased i know now you are real

Your face was always cold without feelin
It was dark while it was pail
I tried to break throught over and over
But i always managed to fail

Your in a time of need
She has caused to to grieve
She has left you to bleed


You wouldn't come to me you wouldn't let me make it right
So you jumped of the bridge that night

I failed and lost you
Im out of control and all on my own

Posted by hi5/nickole at 11:57 AM
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Mind over matter "song"
Mood:  loud
Now Playing: ?
Mind over matter once again
Its telling me im depressed inside
Betrail by my only friend,, my mind
I want to open some ones head
To hear there thoughts inside
To find proof of actural feelings
Justify your life to me
For throught my eyes is all i see

I just wana quite this life
I kno i am losing the uphill fight
I see the ground dissolve under me
Losing life wont bother me
Saying good bye to my only friend
Hope i don't see ME again

Mind over matter once again
Hallucinogenics are my friends
To give me a will and fantasize
For i am destined to live, i don't have the strength to die

Nicole Jordan

Posted by hi5/nickole at 11:49 AM
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about this
Mood:  don't ask
Now Playing: ?
Topic: first page
OK so i've never really made a web site and i don't have a whole hell of alot to say. I find when your writting your thoughts down u tend to think differently. You pay very close attention to how people are going to perceve your writting and u as a person. I basically am making this for my own use and some friends i want opinions on. I am a music fanatic and back in my "ÿouth" wrote alot of songs for fun. I did it when i was bored and i also did it once i realised what a challenge it is. Have you ever tried writting a song that wasn't about the opposite sex. Or tried writting a song about ur angst that didn't sound whiney. I like my older songs because they show me how much i've grown into myself. Because i look back at alot of these lyrics and i wonder if i was acturally thinking like that or i just wanted a catchy everyone can relate song.

Posted by hi5/nickole at 11:39 AM
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