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Love Stinks!
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My Journal
Never Been Kissed
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: Love Stinks!
Another entry for "love stinks".

I saw the movie "Never Been Kissed" & it was my life!
I could have been Drew Barrymore. I have never been kissed & felt like an out-sider. All my life I was never kissed by a guy! I know, I know. You're thinking "that can't be". Well, it's true.

I never had a boyfriend & never been kissed.
Well, I've had a "guy who was my friend". We went out a few times, but nothing romantic happened.

I really would like a boyfriend. I know the saying "don't hurry love" & I won't.
I have my friends, but I want a guy to go out with & to "feel the love".

Anyone in my boat- never been kissed and/or never had a boyfriend? Feel free to respond with your thoughts. (It'll make you feel better, I can guarantee that!)

Posted by hi5/nicewoman25 at 12:01 PM CDT
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Mood:  down
Now Playing: Love Stinks!
Topic: Love Stinks!
Hi. This is my very first entry of this blog.
I have never, ever created a blog before. This is a great way for people to communicate with each other & for people to express themselves.

I have great interest with this topic.

Don't you ever think that love is over-rated? You hear love song after love song on the radio.
Doesn't that want to make you throw up? I'm getting sick & tired of radio stations playing romantic songs. I mean, I enjoy an occassional romantic song here & there but when it's non-stop, it gets overwhelming.

Love is great, when you have someone to share it with. When you don't, love stinks.

Another issue with love stinks is this: why do some women "have to have" a boyfriend? I mean, come on!
Women have their own minds so why do they feel they NEED a boyfriend? Some women may think "I'll feel lonely". Not all the time. Would they like to be alone than have a "bad" boyfriend; someone who physically or mentally abuses her?

The underlying issue here is women need to take control of themselves. Love is over-rated. Find a guy who treats you with respect. If you don't find that guy, be single! There's NOTHING wrong with being single.

Whew! That was long, wasn't it?

Well, all for today.

Posted by hi5/nicewoman25 at 12:07 PM CDT
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