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A little about me…


I was given up for adoption at birth and have always been curious about my birth parents and their families.  At no time have I ever wished that I was not adopted as my adopted family have been the most loving and supportive family I could ever have wished to be placed with.


Nevertheless, with the minimal amount of information I could glean from my adoption file I started purchasing birth and marriage certificates and the rest of the genealogy has followed as a natural progression.


I now have approximately 700 names in my extended tree…..


I have been working on my family tree since February 2006 and was instantly surprised at how much information is available on the internet.  I’ve done pretty well for an amateur and now feel that I have a good knowledge of genealogy resources.






16 JUN 2006 UPDATE:  I received an email out of the blue on Wednesday 14th June 2006 from Julia.  It turns out that Julia is my sister (we have the same father) and she (with the help of her older brother) has been searching for me since the beginning of 2006!


Thanks to Julia I have now had a chance to see photographs of my birth father and grandparents.  She has also told me that I have two more younger brothers!




20 JLY 2006 FURTHER UPDATE:  I received another email today from Katie who said that she was looking for her mothers’ first son.  After a few cagey emails and text messages we confirmed our connection to each other and then spoke on the telephone.  I have two brothers who are both older than Katie.


I’ll update the site as soon as I know more!




06 AUG 2006:  Today I wrote a letter to my birth mother—a cathartic exercise!  I just need to sit tight and await a reply.




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