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Welcome to Miss Teen Advice is an advice site for teenage girls all over the world. Here, you can contact me, a fellow teenage girl, (nickname MissTeen) about any problems or advice you need on ANYTHING. I will get back to you as soon as I can, offering support, encouragement and outlining the different ways in which you can help your predicament. I will NOT, however, tell you what to do. I am a teen myself and am not trained (apart from mediation training at school) to tell you what to do. When you contact me for advice (either by sending a private message to the guestbook that only i can view or emailing me) I will:

  • Tell you what the situation looks like to me, an outsider looking in (i.e with no emotional involvement) which may make things clearer to you. For example if somone wrote to me saying that they're 'friend' is usually quite friendly, but sometimes puts down your appearance, how you do things etc. always saying 'No Offense' afterwards, but you do find it offensive,then i would let you know that what this friend is doing ISN'T right, despite the fact that she is generally nice to you.
  • Outline your options. So with this problem, i would say you could either keep on letting her do this to you, seek help from a relative or other trusted relative, talk to her about it, or decide it's not worth it and just break off the friendship.
  • Tell you how each of your options would affect the situation (e.g: breaking off the friendship may cause your 'friend' to become angry, and may start dissing you quite badly, however she will get over it sooner or later, IF this does happen. But even if she Doesn't get angry, there is likely to be some hard feelings between you for a while)
  • Offer encouragement

For more information about asking advice click on "Contact MissTeen" link below. If you like my site, then please go to the bottom of this page and click on the pink "pass-it-on" button and recommend it to a friend. This site has only recently started up and needs as much publicity as it can get! Scroll down for links to the rest of the site.

Remember: Miss Teen Advice is confidential, free, and here for YOUR USE - so if your a teen girl and wanna chat about ANYTHING to another teen, please contact me

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