Psalms 51 - 100 Questions and Answers
Q. Why does God have mercy on every man, woman and child? A. Psalm 51:1 = Because His love is unfailing.
Q. You mean that no matter where I am in my life, no matter how messed up I get, I can cry out to God and He will answer because of His unfailing love? A. Yes!
Q. Why does God cleanse us from sin? A. Psalm 51:1 = Because of His great compassion for us.
Q. What else occurs when we're cleansed from sin? A. Psalm 51:2 = Guilt goes away.
Note: If you still experience the guilt of your sin, even though you confessed it and repented, it is probably one of two things: 1) You haven't forgiven yourself or 2) hell is tormenting you and you need to rebuke the demon who keeps bringing past sins into your forgiven state. Don't overlook false guilt! Deal with it responsibly!
Q. Who do we really sin against? A. Psalm 51:4 = God alone. He set up the right and wrong of a thing so it is Him we sin against.
Q. Are children born perfect? A. Psalm 51:5 = No. We are all born sinners because of the Fall of man in the Garden of Eden. (The Good News is that God understands our weakness!)
Q. But we are capable of better? A. Psalm 51:6 = Yes. God desires honesty from the heart, which includes recognizing our tendency to sin, yet wanting what God wants.
Q. If we have this attitude, what is the result? A. Psalm 51:6 = God can teach us to be wise in our innermost being!
Q. Only God can purify us from sin? We cannot help? A. Psalm 51:7 = Yes. Isn't that a relief?
Q. Who makes us aware of our sin? A. Psalm 51:8 = God does. He breaks us, making us sad because of our sin.
Note: If you sin and have no conviction of its evil, ask God to grant you conviction of sin. Are we so fallen creatures that we don't recognize our own capacity to entertain sin? Yes! Especially against family members. Do you really honor your parents? Or does your childhood rebellion disguise itself in pious behavior that looks ugly to everyone but you? Do you make up excuses for behaving mercilessly toward those God has said to honor or else die young as a consequence? Don't let your Christianity be used as a club to beat them to death. Repent now and start living. Experience spiritual maturity and lead your children down the correct path with you, or they will inherit your sin and break your heart. It's never too late to start!
Q. What have I been missing while I entertained my sin? A. Psalm 51:8-10 = 1) Joy.
2) A right spirit within me.
3) The Holy Spirit's leading in my life.
4) The joy of my salvation. A willingness to obey God.
Q. How do I begin to obey God? A. Psalm 51:12 = Ask God for a willingness to obey Him.
Q. What do I get for that answer to prayer? A. Psalm 51:13 = A heart for teaching others how to obey God as you have learned to.
Q. Does God forgive murderers? A. Psalm 51:14 = Oh yes! Repentance is sweet to God!
Q. Why? A. Psalm 51:14 = Because forgiveness makes us sing to God! Forgiveness unseals our lips to praise God (v.15)
Q. What does God want from me? A. Psalm 51:16-17 = A broken and contrite spirit and heart, sorrow for our self-made hellish lives and to stop sinning continuously against God.
Q. So all the sacrifices of the Law, no matter how well we keep them, don't make us acceptable to God because we don't have a habit of repenting of our sin? Because we don't take sin seriously? A. Psalm 51:16 = Yes!
Note: It always starts with us. The City of Zion starts with people right with God.
Q. How depraved can we get? Is it spelled out for us in the scriptures? A. Psalm 51:1-4, 6, 7 = Yes. 1) We call ourselves heroes while committing terrible crimes, disgracing God's people
2) We plot destruction all day long
3) Our tongues poison others
4) We lie
5) We love evil more than good
6) We love lies more than truth
7) We say things that harm others
8) We trust in our wealth instead of in God
9) We grow more and more bold in our wickedness.
Q. When we ask God for mercy when we're in need, how should we spend our time while waiting for it? A. Psalm 52:9 = Praising God in the presence of believers.
Note: Does this seem too simple? Other believers are there to remind you of God's faithfulness and love towards you. We are caught up in turmoil and sometimes need reminders of truth. Even the simplest of believers can remind you with words of comfort and this counters hell's attacks on you. When you prevail, that's when you grow!
Q. What if I choose not to believe in God? A. Psalm 53:1 = Then I choose to be a fool.
Q. How do fools believe? A. Psalm 53:1 = Corruptly, without life instructions.
Q. Do we all play the fool from time to time? A. Psalm 53:2-3 = Yes. We are bent toward having our own way, which is always folly.
Q. How does a fool behave? A. Psalm 53:4 = He destroys people, not thinking to pray to God when he's in trouble.
Q. What happens to him when he doesn't pray in times of need? A. Psalm 53:5 = He is gripped with terror, which gets worse with time.
Q. What do we need to remember about our enemies? A. Psalm 53:5 = God punishes them for us.
Q. What causes us terrible anguish? A. Psalm 55:12-14 = A friend who turns on us.
Note: Hell is busy causing strife, lying to us about our loyalty to each other as believers. Suddenly, a friend turns, but the truth is that hell was lying to them about you for perhaps many years. Because of their lack of humility in the errant belief that they are untouched by spiritual warfare, they think you are really the enemy. Know the Word, trust in God alone and rebuke any lies that come against your brothers and sisters. Even if they turn, pray and bless them the rest of your days and thwart the damage desired by your real enemy, hell itself.
Q. What is the fate of murderers and liars? A. Psalm 55:23 = An early death.
Q. How compassionate is God? A. Psalm 56:8 = God keeps all our tears in His bottle; He keeps track of all our sorrow, recording each one in His book.
Q. How does God see successful and poor people? A. Psalm 62:9 = The same. Neither carry any more favor with God.
Q. What about amassing wealth? A. Psalm 62:10 = Get wealthy honestly, and then don't make it the center of your life.
Q. How should I spend a sleepless night? A. Psalm 63:6 = Thinking about God, meditating on Him through the night.
Q. On what do I meditate? A. Psalm 63:7 = Onthe way God has intervened and helped me in my life, how He faithfully leads me and protects me and how He faithfully deals with my enemies.
Q. What must we remember about God? A. Psalm 65:3 = Though our hearts are filled with sins, God forgives them all when we repent!
Q. Does God choose us? A. Psalm 65:4 = Yes.
Q. Do we choose God? A. Psalm 65:5 = Yes. God is the hope of everyone on earth, even those who sail on distant seas.
Q. Can God cause a nation to shut up? A. Psalm 65:7 = Yes.
Q. Where does our joy come from? A. Psalm 65:8-13 = It is inspired by God's mighty creation.
Q. Did David want the whole world saved? A. Psalm 67 = Yes! David wanted them to share his joy in God.
Q. Is God described as a being we can visualize? A. Psalm 68:4 = Yes. We praise Him who rides the clouds!
Q. What comfort can we tell an orphan? A. Psalm 68:5 = God is Father to the fatherless.
Q. What comfort can we tell a widow? A. Psalm 68:5 = God is her defender.
Note: Orphans and widows are in a royal place in the heavenlies. No wonder we are to watch out for them here on earth!
Q. How should we treat lonely people? A. Psalm 68:6 = As our family, when God brings them to us.
Q. How should we treat convicts who have been set free? A. Psalm 68:6 = Like everyone else. God has given them joy!
Q. What keeps people from despair? A. Psalm 69:20 = Just one person who will show pity!
Note: If you thought you couldn't make a difference, you don't know the power of love. When you love someone, God is loving them through you. So let God work!
Q. What reward do people who search for God get? A. Psalm 70:4 = Joy and gladness.
Q. What should I spend my old age doing? A. Psalm 71:18 = Proclaiming God's power to the new generation.
Q. Why do we pass on our faith to our children? A. Psalm 78:7 = So that each generation can set its hope anew on God.
Q. What is the alternative? A. Psalm 78:8 = They'll be like their ancestors -- stubborn, rebellious and unfaithful, refusing to give their hearts to God.
Q. Who else got to eat manna -- and still does -- besides the newly-freed Israelites in the wilderness? A. Psalm 78:25 = The angels!
Q. Why does God hold back His anger toward us? A. Psalm 78:39 = God remembers we live only a short while.
Note: What a good example God sets for us to follow! Hold back your anger because you have no time for it!
Q. What is God's relationship to His people? A. Psalm 80:1 = God is pictured as a Shepherd leading His flock. v.8 = Israel is a tender vine taken out of Egypt and transplanted in God's land. v.9 = God cleared the land, as a shepherd clears land before the sheep come to graze. v. 10-11 = which spreads its branches over the mountains and to the seas. v.12 = until God stopped protecting His vine. v.14 = Asaph asks God to tend His vine, this son He raised for Himself.
Q. What if I feel weak? A. Psalm 80:17 = I can ask God to strengthen me.
Q. Can I approach God just like that? A. Psalm 80:17 = Yes. I am the one God loves, the one He chose.
Note: How's your self-esteem today? God will help you for this very reason!
Q. God pleads with Israel not to worship idols. Does He reward those who love Him only? A. Psalm 81:10 = Yes. "Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it with good things."
Q. Does God claim ownership of the world? A. Psalm 82:8 = Yes. All nations belong to Him.
Q. How long have the Middle Eastern countries been trying to destroy Israel? A. Psalm 83:2-8 = Since God kicked them out of the Promised Land. The only thing Israel's enemies have in common is their hate for Israel.
Q. What was Asaph's prayer for Israel's enemies? A. Psalm 83:17-18 = That God would punish them until they learned God was the only God there is.
Q. Will there be wildlife in heaven? A. Psalm 84:3 = Yes.
Q. Is it okay to yearn for heaven? A. Psalm 84:1-4 = Yes!
Q. What makes a believer happy? A. Psalm 84:5 = Being strong in the Lord.
Q. How much better is it in heaven than on earth? A. Psalm 84:10 = A single day in God's courts is better than a thousand anywhere else!
Q. Does God like to bless His own? A. Psalm 84:11 = Yes!
Q. Why should we care for all the nations? A. Psalm 86:9 = Because God made each one.
Q. Why should we study the Bible? A. Psalm 86:11-12 = God teaches us how to live according to His truth in the Bible.
Q. What change occurs in us when we study and learn God's truth? A. Psalm 86:11-12 = God makes our hearts pure, that we may honor Him. The heart's response is praise to God.
Q. Does God's anger come quickly when we sin? A. Psalm 86:15 = No.
Q. How does God get our attention when we sin? A. Psalm 86:15 = Mercy, grace, and unfailing love and truth are applied to our briains first.
Q. It's not always cut and dry to confess sin. How does God help? A. Psalm 86:16 = God grants us strength to obey. But we need to ask for it!
Note: Knowing what is right and wrong is easy. How to deliver ourselves from our messes requires knowledge of God's Word. If we don't know how God delivers, He may do it anyway, but we won't know it was Him. Keep track of what you ask for so you can acknowledge your prayers' answers properly!
Q. How does God see the nations who love Him? A. Psalm 87:6-9 = As citizens of Jerusalem.
Q. Why? A. Psalm 87:7 = Even the people of other nations recognize that their lives come from God!
Q. Who wrote the Book of Psalms? A. The Psalms is divided into five books:
Book 1 is Psalm 1-41, written by David.
Book 2 is Psalm 42-72, written by descendants of Korah, Asaph, David and Solomon.
Book 3 includes Psalm 73-89, written by Asaph, Descendants of Korah, David and Ethan the Ezrahite.
Book 4 includes Psalm 90-106, written by Moses and David.
Book 5 includes Psalm 107-150, written by David and Solomon.
Q. What advantage does every believer have in walking with God? A. Psalm 90:1 = God is our home, the place where we can always begin again, and a door that never slams shut in our faces. We are fickle; God remains steadfast.
Q. How old is God? A. Psalm 90:2 = Ageless.
Q. What is God's timeframe like? A. Psalm 90:4 = A thousand years are like a day or even just a few hours.
Q. How can I grow in wisdom? A. Psalm 90:12 = Letting God teach me to make the most of my time.
Q. What should I pray for in regards to my children? A. Psalm 90:16 = That they would see God's glory work.
Q. Should we pray for success in life? A. Psalm 90:17 = Yes.
Q. What aids and protects me from fear? A. Psalm 91:4 = God's faithful promises (learn God's Word!)!
Q. Does God protect us from every evil thing? A. Psalm 91:5-7 = Yes. We have to choose to trust God with our lives.
Q. Does God give a list of fears that haunt people? A. Psalm 91:5-7 = Yes. 1) Night terrors
2) dangers of the day
3) fear of getting a disease
4) fear of disaster coming down suddenly
5) that when everyone around me is dying, I will be numbered among the dead.
Q. What is God's promise to me? A. Psalm 91:7 = That these evils will not touch me!
Q. And the bonus? A. Psalm 91:8 = Seeing with my own eyes how God punishes the wicked.
Q. What must I do to receive such a promise? A. Psalm 91:9-10 = Live for God. Trust Him completely with my life.
Q. How am I protected? A. Psalm 91:11 = God sends His angels to protect me.
Q. How do angels protect me? A. Psalm 91:12 = They hold me with their hands!
Q. Who is covered by this promise? A. Psalm 91:14 = Those who love God and trust Him.
Q. Besides being rescued, what do we get? A. Psalm 91:15 = Honor by God.
Q. God honors man? A. Psalm 91:15 = Yes!
Q. What else? A. Psalm 91:16 = Long life and salvation.
Q. What is worship? A. Psalm 92:1-4 = Giving thanks to God. Singing to God praises about all His good deeds toward us all day long, with instruments and with much joy, for all God has done.
Q. Why should we have a daily quiet time? A. Psalm 92:10 = God makes us strong as bulls, refreshing us by His power in daily quiet times.
Q. Is it natural for an older believer to slack off in his joy? A. Psalm 92:14-15 = No! His faith should be strong until the day of his death, producing fruit and living not one day in wasteful pleasures.
Q. What is the nature of God's reign? A. Psalm 93:5 = Holiness forever!
Q. Does God know my thoughts? A. Psalm 94:11 = Yes.
Q. Is discipline a good thing? A. Psalm 94:12 = Yes!
Q. Who teaches us wisdom from the Bible? A. Psalm 94:12 = God does!
Note: Head knowledge of God, memorizing scripture, is no replacement for God's intervening in your bible study and pulling out the lessons designed specifically for you.
Q. What is a benefit from knowing God's Word? A. Psalm 94:13 = In times of trouble, we know God has promised to rescue us and that calms us down.
Q. But we believers do have to endure trouble? A. Psalm 94:17 = Yes.
Q. And the way we perceive what is happening, when we know God's Word, makes all the difference? A. Psalm 94:18-19 = Yes. We can cry out to God and feel His support. We doubt and God quickly comforts us and renews our hope (this is peace in the midst of the storm).
Q. What does God do about leaders who make unjust laws? A. Psalm 94:20, 21, 23 = God makes their sins of evil fall back upon them. God will destroy them for their sins.
Q. Is God our shepherd? A. Psalm 95:7 = Yes. We are His sheep.
Q. What does it take to hear God's voice and obey? A. Psalm 95:7-10 = A willingness to choose to listen.
Note: Choosing to listen requires setting aside your own life philosophies, made up of your life experiences and thoughts, and trusting God to tell you the absolute truth about life. Have you done that?
Q. What do I do instead of my natural reaction to act out my life by my own philosophies and thinking? How do I permanently get out of myself? How do I get over myself? A. Psalm 96-97 = Red and meditate on the truth about life. Psalm 96 and 97 declare God's truth
1) Sing to God
2) Invite the world to sing with you
3) Bless God's name
4) Every day, proclaim the good news that God saves
5) Write and publish His glorious deeds among the nations
6) Tell everyone about God's amazing works
7) Know that God is great and most worthy to be praised
8) God is not just another religion, He is the ONLY God.
9) God made everything
10) God is Creator, surrounded by honor and majesty, He is Strength and Beauty, dwelling in His sanctuary
11) Desire that the whole world would know God, who is Glorious and Strong and that they would give Him the glory He deserves
12) Bring these people to church, encouraging them to bring Him an offering and prepare to worship Him in all His holy splendor
13) Recognize God's immeasurable time and person and tremble before Him
14) God made this world solid and will act as its fair judge of all people.
15) Tell creation to praise God as it should.
Q. I should be happy that the Lord is King over the earth? A. Psalm 971:1 = Yes! Even the earth rejoices!
Q. Does God really care that we distinguish right from wrong and do it? A. Psalm 97:2 = Yes! Righteousness and justice are the foundation of God's throne.
Q. What miracles and displays of power does every nation bear witness to? A. Psalm 97:3-6 = Fire and lightning, which comes from God's Being.
Q. Once we learn to distinguish good from evil, what should we do about evil? A. Psalm 97:10 = Hate it!
Q. What defines the believer from the rest? A. Psalm 97:11 = Light shines on the godly; joy shines on all who do right. He is blessed with happiness in the Lord. He responds to this blessing by praising God.
Q. What are God's weapons? A. Psalm 98:1 = Power and holiness.
Q. Who enlightens the nations? A. Psalm 98:2 = God does.
Q. Who's idea was symphony music? A. Psalm 98:6 = God's idea.
Q. Do fish praise God? A. Psalm 98:7 = Yes! Everything else in the sea too!
Q. What about things on land? A. Psalm 98:7-9 = Yes! God's praise comes from everything He made.
Q. How does God deal with people? A. Psalm 99:8 = God answers my prayers, forgives my sins and punishes me with I go wrong.
Q. How should I approach the throne of God? A. Psalm 11:2 = With singing and joy and gladness.
Q. How should I see myself before God? A. Psalm 100:3 = God made me, I belong to Him, I am His child -- a sheep of His pasture.
Q. How else should I approach God? A. Psalm 100:4 = With thanksgiving, praise, blessing Him, acknowleding His goodness and love that is always mine and reaches every generation.
Note: Do you approach God only when you need rescuing? Acknowledge His awesomeness as your Father. Read this psalm and see God's wonder. Then ask for your request.
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