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In Loving Memory of Michael Dale Walker

Michael was born in Oregon, on June 27, 1972.
On December 23, 2004, at the age of 32, he was taking from us.
Michael was a awesome man,
a loving father of a 9 year old girl
and he loved being with all of us for family gatherings.
He is loved and missed by many.

To his murderers:

You took away our sunshine, you tore our homes apart, you took something that was ours, and left us with broken hearts. Our angel is up in heaven now a place we doubt you'll ever see, but you didn't take everything for we still have our memories.

My Daddy
The things I miss and remember the most about daddy:
He was funny
He liked to play with me
He was silly sometimes
I liked it when we went swimming together
He read to me
We'd sing together
His hugs and kisses
He was a great dad
He'd color with me
We'd watch TV together
We'd take naps together
He always wanted me to learn new things everyday for him
He was playful and joyful
He cooked good things for me to eat
and on...and on... and on...

Love your baby girl Bryanna


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