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CNAnime Expo 2002

And soooooo I finally got the pictures developed and brought home like..... yesterday! On August 29! Woohoo! Ok.. so these are the cosplay pictures I took of people at the expodition. ^^; There's about 23 to count, plus I have a link to the other site where they already have the pictures up.
Not to mention, the expo was from August 23-25... so yesh, after 3 days I have the pictures up! Wooohoo! XD I'm hyped at the moment... so yeah... blah.... have fun looking at the pictures.
Oh yesh.. I was dressed up as Son Goku from Saiyuki o.o;

*clears throat* ahem... its InuYasha and a girl with a bow! ^^; I dunno who she is... if you know let me know o.o; she has an InuYasha plushie...

Zidane and Vivi from FF9 ready to fight! ....erk... is that Garnet's staff floating up there!? *sweatdrops* @_@;;

Whoo... its Vashu and Woodwolf from Trigun! (sp?)... I'll say one thing... Wolfwood looks hot.... *drools* XD Yesh... he has a small cross, but what can you do neh?

EEEH! It's ... it's... Shuuichi, Ryuuchi and Hiro? From Gravitation! It's the Kumagouru! (sp again v.v;) ... yes.. thats my staff in the back... but Shuuichi looks so kawaiiness!

It's Lulu from FF10! She looks coool.... there were about 2 other Lulu's running around... well not running, but this one was sitting, so I got her to stand and pose ^^;;;;...

It's Tohma from Gravitation! ^____^ I had just walked right by him, recognized him then poked him with my staff to get his attention so I could take his picture! ^^;

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