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My Friends and Mentors

This web page is dedicated to my friends and teachers who told me never to give up and to go for my dreams. If it wasn't for them I would have never made it. this far so to all of know who you are I thank you.

The following people are my friends who I have know for at least one year or more. During the creation of this web page I thought of the actions and phrases that came to mind whenever I thought of them (sorry guys) >_<. While I could not be with you guys for graduation I will always rember The Football games, Dances, Homecoming winter ball 2002 and 2003 Twrip, Boy Friends, Girl Friends and Choir Parties Peprallys and Donkey Ball Games, The Box, School Sprit I love all you guys and thanks for your support high school was a real blast.

Ashley, 17 I have known her for 7 years

Anthony, 18 I have known him for 4 years. Loves to work on classic "Your are the duct tape king"

Scotty, 20 I have known him for 1 year. Giver of physiological advice.

Stephanie V, 17 I have known her for 7 years. Best fashion in the courtyard

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