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Martha's Tom Sawyer Page


I'll step into Tom Sawyer's shoes and tell you about Mark Twains masterpiece The Adventures of Tom Sawyer from Tom's point of view.


I ain't too bad of a child, but some seem to say I'm apathetic. They seem to think I don't care for a soul on this land. I admit I can care for nothing, especially my aunt. Folks from the town say I always cause trouble. I always love to find ways to make my aunt really testy. Some times when I achieve this she'll call me a vexation. I love to go 'round and find adventure, though danger normally comes a-riding along with it.

Though there are some - err- other distractions too. There's this girl named Miss Becky Thatcher. She's really sweet and clever. Though when I don't do much but let a few words I shouldn't have let slip, she'll go stompin' away and be so testy and rude. Even though my kin seem to think I'm ruining my chances with her, I of course being the gallant Tom Sawyer think I'll cleverly gain her trust again.

My friend Huck Finn and I witness a murder and seeing this could be the end of us if we tell a soul, and take my word it was tempting. But if we don't tell an innocent friendly person will suffer a terrible fate. It's so hard debating between tellin' and not tellin'. I felt I almost made the wrong decision but I swallowed up my pride and stomped in and did the right thing. Though it changes others' lives for the better, it scares me outta my wits bout every second I dare to listen to a floorboard creak. Man just thinking 'bout it sends shivers down my spine. Brrrrrrr.