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This page is all about me myself and me....................................

I am Madhuri. Most of my friends call me Mad coz thats how they like to call me....

I was born in Hyderabad, capital of Andhra pradesh on the A.P formation day November 1. I did my schooling and undergrad in the same place. I was always a freaky kind of a person. I was never studious and used to stay away from the studious studs in my class. As a child I was very stubborn and very mischievous. I was pampered a lot by all my relatives in the family as i was the first kid in their generation.


During my school days i was a very active student in all the co-carricular activities except studies. I studied in Abhyudaya high School, which is in the lanes of Chikkadpally in Hyderabad. I was into dance, sports and ofcourse the sole 'Elocution Queen' in my school. I have represented my school in various elocution competitions and won many prizes.I enjoyed my school days. I am a couch potato and always used to watch Television. All the time i was at my house quarelling with my sister or at my friend's palce.



I did my Bachelors in Computer science in Badruka college Kachiguda Hyderabad. I was the Miss Fresher during my first year in undergrad and one of the most wanted girls of my college. During my first year, I was the topper in Statistics but things drastically changed in second and third years. We formed a group with 8 members and spent most of the time playing billiards, watching every movie released on the first day and pulling each others leg. As a result we were never the favourites of the lecturers in the college. But i enjoyed my 3 years in the undergrad the most. I will never forget the treat 'n' pool,bhavani chat, gokul,pick'n'move and ofcourse Ohri's, the places where we used to hang around the most. I was the chief anchor, for the 'Abacus' a tech festival of our college consecutively for 3 years. Successfully i crossed the rivers of MBA & MCA entrances after my under graduation but did not join as i got a job through campus selection in a multi national company Satyam Computer Services Limited.



I enjoyed working at Satyam Computer Services Limited and had a good time with my colleagues. After working for nearly 3 years i resigned my job and came to Baton rouge (United States). I enjoyed one year getting late, watching lots and lots of movies, roaming and covering all the places in US. After that i decided that it is time to do something and joined Masters in Computer science at Southern University Louisiana.


Favourite food: All the junk food...Panipuri, Pav bhaji, Ragda.... so on..

Favourite actors: Akshay Kumar, Amitabh Bacchan.....

Favourite actress: Preity Zintha, Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit

Favourite colours: Black, Blue

Hobbies: Shopping

Favourite Places: Manali, Gatlinburg