Hey! I'm Maddie Harned! Welcome to my site! ;-) I luv talking 2 ppl so put my sn on ur buddy list, its eskimoKiSs77192! ttyl! have fun looking around!
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Kick bootay bands that rock my and ur worlds! theyre rated out of 5 stars.

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Hey ya*ll! heres a shout out 2 all my home grls, my sistas from other misters, my ladiez, my home chickens, my soul sistas: sarah! lylas 4life! paige! mixer was fun! will you be "mixing it up tonight?" susie! llamas! ellie! the play was..... interesting. emily! you were so *sassy* in the olol musical anna sophie! they had it goin on since the 3rd graaade! lol julia! the hand game. naughty. naughty! lol. our poem was so cool! alice! and he wasTOTALLY checking me out! lol! jk! brb! hahahaha! SrY if i forgot u! tell me and ill add u! Angelfire - Free Home Pages
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