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shup tooh yoohz LUS ov kourze much luv gowen out tooh alla yallz frum uz NAUGHTY GURLZ!! luvn yoohz payge, shyt is tyte, well yea tanx fer hittn us up..ayte den 1wun1!!

from: lorelei; 07.18.02. 10:16pm


Juz hittin up dis website.Mad love to you and your krew. anyways payce. YATITAI represent! SHeZHoTnUnDeRME ((aim))

from: MIKEY; 07.18.02. 07:26pm


TighT page ah ...keep it up youngens nah nah..peace outz ......N3M3$!$ PyD3

from: nIck; 07.18.02. 03:33pm


i love charlene

from: Josh; 07.15.02. 07:12pm


hey nen..i like the page.. :-). good job. well anywayz.. i come back laterz den... bye

from: MaRjOriE; 07.02.02. 11:33pm


w3ll solid aZZ payg3....w3LL itZ 2 b@d i @int goin"to f@rrington!!! i go skool wif ahley pascua!!!maria's lil sistah! wellz keep up the nice work! aloha no malama pono

from: Zh3@sh@-l0v3; 06.28.02. 11:07pm


Oh NaH..i Da FiRsT oNe..LoL..i BoReD..hEhE..nEn..DiS pAgE iSh TyTe..WeLl..I dUnNo WaT fO' sAy So I gUeSs I gOiN' dEn..BuH-bAi..L.U.S. CaN hAnDlE?!

from: BoRcE; 06.27.02. 7:56pm