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Karthik Balasubramanian
Hello people, this is Karthik Balasubramanian currently pursuing Masters from the University of Houston.This site is still under construction. This site will voice out my views and fantacies my whims and fancies

The power of thinking
Your are as good as your brain. Brain is the most powerful thing on the planet. The capacity of most of the brains are underestimated. There are two ways of thinking and acting. One kind of thinking is primarilybasd on your heart. The heart servers as the repositories of the whims fancies the lusts and desires of a person. The brain is another super power in the body which has the necessary control withing itself to stimulates these thoughts into action

The brain also has the ability to think and act by itself. It is all about how much control one gives to their brain. The brain can be greatly influenced by the heart. Once this happens the brain just nods to the thoughts that is stirred up in the heart.
Brain gives the stimulus to most of the organs to act, Once brain gets influenced by the heart, heart sends the brain its fancies which are put in to action by the brain. And most of us have nothing more than filth stored up in our brain.(Atleast i do).

Hence if we the filth in the heart comes out into action, then what will prevail in the world would be chaos. That is whatis already happening to most of. Unable to control the heart, we just give into temptations
05 /July/ 2002
our site was launched

25/June/2005 Articles on the Atitude of criminals

15 /July/ 2005
Should Death sentence be Legalized?

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