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Halloween has become a time for merriment rather than a time for serious consideration of magic or mystery.This is a modern development:hoxever, the old custom of dressing up in masquerde costumes and going about the naighborhood asking for candy and other treatys on halloween dates from the seventeenth century.At that time it was beleived that witches and ghosts came out on on halloween. Today we see many masquarding as witches,ghosts, and goblins in keeping the tradition.
The Jack-O'-lantern is another item associated with Halloween.Apparently, the story originated in Ireland. A very stingy man named Jack could not get into hell because of the practical jokes he'd played on the Devil. Consequently, he was condemed to roam the earth with his lantern. Thus, he became known as ''Jack-O'-Lantern'' today, our jack-o'-lanterns are carved from pumpkins;they're not the lamps that were used several hundred years ago.
There are many mysteries, customs, and traditions assosiated with halloween. It is not only a time of fun for the childeren, but the adults also enjoy the activities. The occasion inspiers parades, and trick-or-treat fun for the entire family. For more information go toHalloween CLICK AT THE SKULL PICTURE