We arranged online, for a full day tour with Charlie Soto, a local tourguide, and he was dockside waiting for us at the pre-arranged time 7.45am. We boarded our bus along with about 16 others and took off for the first stop, Brisas de la Jungla zipline adventure.
Sign at the entrance to zipline area
Sign at the entrance to Las Brisas zipline area
Jeff all set for the first zip
Jeff ready to zip
After getting kitted out and a short training talk, we headed to the first platform, an easy 3 minute walk followed by 6 or 7 steps up to the platform.
Brian and Linda await the first zip
Brian & Linda, anxious to hit the first zip
Izzy gets help on her way to the next platform
Izzy gets help on her way to the next platform
Linda and Brian contemplate the next zip
Linda and Brian contemplate the next zip
Bootcamp for zippers
Bootcamp for zippers
Looks like they're ready
Looks like they're ready
Ian zips by
Ian zips by....
then comes in for a landing
.....then comes in for a landing
Jeff happily zipping along
Jeff happily zipping along
Izzy with the grasshopper kid
Izzy with the grasshopper kid - he made (and sold) grasshoppers and scorpions from grass and wire.
An instructor, Ian, Brian, Izzy & 2 instructors
An instructor, Ian, Brian, Izzy & 2 instructors standing on the second platform - the platforms are not actually attached to the tree, they are suspended by lines from above and are located at a position in the tree where they may also get some support from a bump or branch.
Kathy1 zips in
The zipping was great fun, especially numbers 4 & 5 which were extremely fast, number 5 was over 800 feet long so you had lots of time to build up speed…. and most people did, I’d have slammed into the tree if the guide hadn’t caught me.. and I wasn’t alone, one woman came in so fast, even with the guides help she still smashed into the water cooler, knocking everything about.
Linda zips across Brian zips on down
From the zipline we headed for Tortuga canals for a pleasant trip through the jungle, spotting many birds, sloths and one crocodile.
Our transport at Tortugera canals A white heron at Tortugera canals Charlie and Carlos at Tortugera canals Waiting at Tortugera canals Panamaniacs at Tortugera canals
The trip out was slow and meandering but the return was at top speed and if you’re toward the back of the boat at either side, you will get wet, I did. Back at the boat dock there was a few minutes for washroom break, remember to give something to the little kid outside the washroom who mops the floors, he must be all of 6 or 7 years old.
The trip back at Tortugera canals Thom at Tortugera canals
After the canals, we headed for the animal sanctuary, quite interesting with close up views of all the animals, including the opportunity to hold the parrots and monkeys (but not the sloths).
The Sloth sanctuary The Sloth sanctuary Izzy with monkey Brian with monkey Smiley the Sloth Jeff & Marilyn in the banana plantation
The banana plantation was interesting and Carlos explained the lifecycle of the bananas and process within the plantation.
Carlos shows the banana flower The bananas are moved to the processing plant The ladies sort & cut the bunches into manageable sizes The guys pack them into racks
Next stop was downtown Puerto Limon to visit a supermarket, we had a twenty minute stop and since we were not buying anything, we took the opportunity to wander into a local market and have a look around. About 4pm we were back at the port and headed for the buffet on board the ship.

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