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Billing Information:
DTech Service Specialists do not charge for any services before the service is completed. The only time they will present charges to customers before work is completed is for the purchase of necessary parts or software. The amount to be paid for parts and/or software must be made in full before service can continue. All services are billed based upon time taken to complete the task. You will only be billed for time spent providing service to you. You are given at least a full 30 days (Net30) to pay the initial bill after service is completed. Any amount of payment sent within 30 days will be applied to your balance. After 30 days of non-payment, a 10% late fee is added to your balance. Bills are created after service is completed and sent out within 24 hours. Bills will be sent to either your e-mail (if provided) or mailing address. Service Specialists may utilize invoicing services such as PayPal for the processing of Bills. After 12 consecutive months of failure to pay, your account and balance will be directed to small claims for debt collection. Note: Failure to make payments also grants us the right to deny further service until a payment is made.

Check and Money Order Processing
DTech Service Specialists have the right to accept/refuse checks and money orders as a form of payment. Service Specialists that allow checks as a form of payment also have the right to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law against customers who's checks are returned unpaid. This may include the customer being charged for the rate of the returned check + an additional NSF Fee, as noted by the laws within their jurisdiction. Writing a bad check is a criminal offense, and cusotmers who do so may face criminal charges from our Service Specialists.

Customer Privacy Policy:
Any information collected from customers will only be used for providing services, sending shipments, and billing. Your information only remains on file with Your Service Specialist while you have an active service inquiry or balance due. Customers without active service inquiries or balances due will be purged from the Your Service Specialist's Customer Database at the end of the year. Your information will never be sold or shared with anyone for any reason, as it is against DTech policy to take any action that may violate customer privacy.

Terms and Conditions:
DTech is not a company. There is not a large set of terms and conditions. DTech Service Specialists offer services to their customers in exchange for payment. Any customer wishing to use DTech for their needs agrees to pay the billed amount in exchange for the services granted to them. Failure to pay bills may lead to expulsion of services and escalation to collections. To make it simple. Service Specialists offer you this service, and would like you to pay them for their time. Since all Service Specialists are doing this as a freelance job, DTech cannot be treated as a company to any level or degree. The "offices" are typically nothing more than a room inside the homes of the DTech Service Specialist.

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