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Welcome, I am Tim Carnahan, Your Service Specialist for Seattle, WA. As you can see from the menu above; I offer a PC Recycling service, Technical Services, and Website Services. For more information, click on the corresponding menu option above.

As you can see from my pricing info to the right: I offer decent, competitive, flat-rate pricing.

Greetings, call me Tim or Drako. I run a DTech Service Mark Office in Seattle, WA. I offer these services part time, allowing me to also maintain a full time job. I am a laid back individual who will dress casually when on my appointments.

When you choose DTech, you are choosing to commission me to help with your computer problems. This includes PC Support and Repair. I am knowledgeable in the basics of computers. I operate using home built and upgraded PC's, so I know the basics of what makes these little demons tick.

I spent 2 years at ITT Tech seeking a major in software application programming.

I do my best to solve your problem, or give you the necessary support. This may be in the form of troubleshooting, repair, or tutoring.

I do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason deemed necessary. Presenting issues to me such as last minute appointment cancelling, not being available at the apointment time, or making a fuss/refusing to pay for service may lead to me deciding this. I hate having to say this, but I only do this during my free time, I cannot take time off of my busy schedule to come to assistance.

I am open and honest, in every question asked. My fee is simply part of the commission rate and I feel it is reasonable.

I participate in the King County Transit Initiative, and I take measures to be Green Certified.

Since DTech is not a business, it cannot be treated as such. My customers are simply comissioning me for my service. I am simply being paid to take time to help. DTech is just a name, I am operating as a freelance technical support specialist.

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It is not OK to contact our Service Specialists with any commercial offers or solicitations.
Such contacts will be reported to the FTC.