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Welcome to DTech PC Recycle. I specialize in listing of computer hardware, systems, accessories and more. I am here to help you list your own computer related products on popular web auction and/or classified ad sites. I also specialize in the recycling and rebuilding of computer systems. This includes re-imaging computers with new Operating Systems and preparing them to be sold to a new owner.

If you have a computer or device you would like to recycle, simply bring it down to my office.
It will cost you nothing to drop your item off at my office for recycling.

Need a Driver Disk or an Operating System CD? Click here.

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Sales Policy:
All items sold through DTech are sold in "as-is" condition. I carry no warranties and have no return policy. Therefore, unless otherwise stated by my affiliates, all sales are final and cannot be returned. I also do not guarantee that the items sold will still be under any warranty, including the manufacturers warranty.

Per the DTech PC Recycle Conditions, I am unable to ship any items. All sales are for in-office pickup only. However, I may be willing to deliver items from my office to customers in greater Colleton County, SC.

On another note: Sales from my product partners are available for national delivery and abide by their own Terms and Conditions.

Full Sales Policy