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Drako's Playground Mascots

Artists are encouraged to draw artwork of Drako and/or our official site mascots and submit that artwork to Drako's Playground.
Any artist who submits artwork of our mascots will have a thumbnail linked to the full size image of the mascot on their own website.
Any and all artwork of our mascots may be used by the DWS Team on an official basis for Drako's Playground. This includes using the art on the site, on our "Gear", and on advertising for the sites.
Otherwise, the artists retain full copyright of their artwork, and also receive recognition for the art drawn of our mascots.

Artwork may contain any content, with any other characters, but please remember the following:

  • Art must only be General or Mature (PG-13)
  • We will create a thumbnail and use it to link to the original on your site
  • Any art of our mascots will be used for our sites

Our Mascots are:
James Horef

Submit Mascot Art

Taking New Mascots

We are willing to take new characters as mascots, but we reserve the right to take any character given to us and make them exclusively a site mascot.
So if you have a character you no longer use, or made one up just for our site, you may give them to us.
Just understand that by giving us a character to become a site mascot, that you will be giving us all rights of ownership of the character.
You are still free to use the character in artwork only if that artwork is also submitted to us to be used on the site.

Submit a New Mascot

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