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Drako's Playground

How to Upload Fursuit Photos

You may submit any fursuit photo (General and Mature)
provided that it follows our "By you, of you, for you" rules.
(Photos must either be by you, of you, or made for you.)

Please tag all photos accordingly, and use the proper rating.
(General, Questionable - Mature)
One of the tags must be "fursuit"
You may also use the "Source" field to link to your own website or gallery.

To upload photos, follow the two steps below:

You must be registered and logged in to our Photo Gallery
before submitting art usng the My Account link at the top.
Login / Sign up Here

After you login you can click on the Add link
located on the bottom of the Posts page.
Upload Photos Here

Alternatevely, you may also use our Easy Transfer Service to have us
copy your photos from another site to Drako's Den.
Use Easy Transfer

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