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Drako's Playground

Drako's Art Contest - Rules

Drako's Art Contest Follows these rules:

  • Drako's Art Contest allows users to Nominate any artwork by any artist, regardless of if the user is the artist or not, as long as it matches this month's Nomination Theme.
  • Art Nominated via Drako's Playground can only be PG-13 (General / Mature)
  • We will not show any adult Nominations or Winners on Drako's Playground. Adult Art is only shown on Drako's Den.
  • We will add all Nominations to the Art Contest, and notify the Artist that their work has been Nominated.
  • The Nomination of your art to the Art Contest is an honor, but you do reserve the right to request that we remove your art from the art contest*
  • Users are also allowed to suggest Themes for the Art Contest
* - Note: By requesting the removal of your art from the Art Contest, you will be removing yourself from the honors provided to you by your own fans. Many of your fans may consider this a dis-honorable thing to do, and we have seen many fans give artists a bad name for such actions. While we personally honor the wishes of original artists, we do encourage artists to accept these honors only for the sake of their fans. The artwork is nominated usually by the fans of the artists, and not always by the artists themselves.

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