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Useful Worksheets
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Useful worksheets, handbooks, Charts, and Pictures: For counselors, teachers, batterers, and victims

Safety Plan: Suggestions for making a Domestic Violence safety plan

Outreach Handouts: handouts for outreach programs. Mostly a guideline for counselors.

Crimes Exercise: This is a handout that shows the level of consequences.

Coordinating Community Response

Power and Control Wheel

Survivors Handbook: Handbook on resources, stories, and definitions for survivors.

Conceptual Clarity: A great article about Domestic Violence

Cycle of Abuse: List of the phases of abuse

Child Wheel

Domestic Violence Prevention Conceptual Chart

Equality/ Non-violence


Book Recommendations:

Confusing Love with Obsession: When You Can't Stop Controlling Your Partner and the Relationship
by John D. Moore

Domestic Abuse: Our Stories
by M. Webb

It's My Life Now: Starting Over After an Abusive Relationship or Domestic Violence
by Meg Kennedy Dugan, Roger R. Hock

Surviving Domestic Violence: Voices of Women Who Broke Free
by Elaine, Ed.D. Weiss, Michael Magill

Psychological Abuse in Violent Domestic Relations
by K. Daniel O'Leary (Editor), Roland D. Maiuro (Editor)