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David's Pet Emporium


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Basic Pet Care and Products

The day you welcome your new pet into your home and family will be anxious time for both you and your new pet


A good balance diet is essential to provide the necessary vitamins, minerals and a balance
of carbohydrate and fat required for growth.

Your puppy should have a place of itís own and a cardboard box, with one side cut out for easy access, is quite adequate.  Remember that it may be all very well for a young puppy to cuddle up beside you on the couch or on your bed but this is not so acceptable in a large muddy dog and rule changes are hard for them to understand. 

The basis of training a puppy is to use a regular routine so that the puppy learns to know what to expect each day.  Their clock is mainly their stomach so regular meals are important.  Your number one priority will be house training so your vigilance here in putting your puppy out on the lawn on waking and after meals is the first step towards cleanliness.  It is a good idea to use a command when they do go to the toilet - this will help them to understand what you want as they get older.



As we have a large range of products for your feline and canine pets. We welcome you to come and see our team of friendly and experiences staff members. Who will be able to supply you with the things that you will need to take great care of your new cat or dog.

A few examples of the products we sell are:

Toys      Leads        Pet Baskets.

Or Come and see us at the

National Convention of New Zealand Pet Retailers
on the 1st & 2nd July 2005 at the
Waikato Events Centre Hamilton
Opening Hours 9.00am - 5.00pn
Saturday and Sunday only

Where staff members will be happy to advise and show you some examples of the products we have for sale.







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