1. On a new page in your book, put the above heading, and then go to the following site: Is It A Limerick?   
( )

2. From the 'What is a Limerick ?' page, zip through the following four hyper heading links and  make notes on each:

                     a) What is a Limerick?
                     b) The rhythm pattern.
                     c) The rhyming scheme.
                     d) Telling the story.

3. Play the Limerick Game!

4. Write your own Limerick on the web page provided and print it out.

5. Paste it in your book and then draw and colour a picture to illustrate it or find one on the Internet.

6. Extension work for the un-extended! Answer these questions in complete sentences:

a) What were Limericks originally called?
b) What is the name and the year of the first one ever published? (Click the 'History of the Limerick' hyperlink!)