1. Go to the following sites and read about the Protestant Reformation.  

2. Explain what things people started criticising and complaining about the Roman Catholic Church.

3. a) What were indulgences? b) Also find out from the following site why the Church was trying to raise extra money? (see first paragraph)

4. Who was Martin Luther and what actions did he take against the Catholic Church?

5.  The worksheet. Use the following map to colour in your blank map on the worksheet. Colour your map of Europe to show approximately where the different religions developed in Europe.
(Draw your own coloured key for the map)

6. Explain what you think is illustrated below in Source A.

7. Explain what you think is happening in the illustration seen in Source B

                          SOURCE A                                                                  SOURCE  B

8. Who was Tetzel and what was he doing that angered many people who were protesting against the Roman Catholic Church?

9. What was the new religion started by John Calvin (1509-64)? ​ Crash Course World History - Luther and the Protestant Reformation

10. When you have done the above play this Reformation game: