Print off this sheet and paste it in your book. Using a ruler, draw a pencil line to connect each of the sentence beginning to the right ending.
1 The geography of Japan greatly affected its society...    ...Japan was isolated from the rest of Asia.
2 The natural resources of Japan were limited to...   ... the architecture of their houses was a light wooden design.
3 The land is very mountainous...   ...the Japanese peasants lived in crowded conditions.
4 Due to the limited agricultural land.. many people relied on fishing from the surrounding oceans as their main food resource.
5 Japan's mountainous topography..    ...wood and stone for energy and building materials.
6 Because of earthquakes in their area..   ...because of the connections people had to the land.
7 As a group of islands...   ...their country was separate and isolated from the rest of Asia.
8 In Japan the forests covered...   ...encouraged the development of separate feudal warlords
9 Because of the crowded living conditions...   ...the people valued good manners and ritualised ways of behaving, loyalty, and obedience to authority.
10 As Japan was a group of islands...   ...55 percent of its land.
11 Because Japan was isolated from..   ...Buddhism, the Chinese system of writing and Confucianism.
12 From other countries Japan introduced...   ...other countries it could pick which cultural influences to borrow from other countries.