THE FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE.

1. a) Study the above map and then the following interactive map:
this site
might only work from your home as you need the free program Shockwave - free for home use only. You may need to right mouse click an select 'run this plug-in'.)
     b) Also explore this interactive map:
     (The following site will help you with the spelling of the Barbarian tribal names: )

2. In your book under the main heading seen at the top of this page, answer the following questions in complete sentences. (i.e. use the main words from the question in your answer.)

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a) Which barbarian tribe sacked or invaded the city of Rome, in the south of Italy?
b) Which barbarian tribes invaded Britain?
c) Which tribe came from the east, from Asia?
d) Now list the names of  four barbarian tribes that invaded some part of the Roman Empire in Europe.

3. Print off the blank map of Western Europe and

a) Use different colours to show where the different tribes invaded.
b) Lightly shade in the Roman Empire. (Remember to use a key and
 label the different bodies of water before you paste the map in your book.)

4. Look at the Timeline of the end of the Roman Empire and then answer the following questions in complete sentences:

a)  When did the Angles and Saxons invade Britain?
b) Who created a Christian Roman Empire in the East with the new capital of Constantinople?
c) When did the Visigoths invade Rome?
d) Who was the last Roman Emperor in the western empire?

Optional Extension Research:
a) See if you can use the internet to find out when and why the city name of Constantinople was changed to Istanbul.
b) Find out about the famous building in this city, that you can see in the picture on the bottom of the time line.
c) Find and paste in your book a picture of what this building looks like today.