Defeat of the Spanish Armada, 8 August 1588.  Artist: Philippe-Jacques de Loutherbourg. Date: 1796

1. Put the Heading:  The Spanish Armada  on a new page in your book.
2. Go to the following web site: and then click
  The trouble between England and Spain.
3.Explain in one sentence in your book, when and what the Spanish Armada was.

4.Continue on to the next web page:  and read about each of the problems between England and Spain. Then explain the causes of the eventual naval war between Spain and England.

5. Move on to the next web page: and when you have completed the match up page correctly, write out the completed chart in your book. Use the heading: Why England and Spain Went to War

6. a) Work your way through the interactive presentation of the Spanish Armada:
    b) Do the 16 multiple choice questions at the end and when you have checked you have got the answers correct, write the questions with the correct answers in your book. Use the heading:The Story of The Spanish Armada.

7.  Work through the activities on the following web page :  and under the new heading: The Defeat of The Spanish Armada, write your responses in your book.

    a) Study the sources, then write out the passage provided, filling in the missing words with a different coloured pen.
    b) Follow the instructions on the web page and make up the chart showing the reasons for why the Spanish Armada was defeated. Follow the priority of writing out what you think are the most important reasons first and give your reason or explanation.
   c) Write just the introduction to the essay question: Why did the Spanish Armada fail? (125 words)