These are pictures from my(Marie's) party where Corey, Matt, and Ryan's band Paint The Walls With The Brains Of The Little Children, had a 'live' performance....they did a good job. ummmmmm yea...i guess..


this is corey.

matt's a bunny..

matt thought he was 'stripping' which was really just standing there

this would be a picture of the 'band' and their 'groupies' and no, i'm not in the picture because I HAD TO TAKE IT, thank you

this is one of the band's pictures, they were going for a totem pole look, stupid ryan messed it up

all i can say here is, haha ryan.

this is another band picture...i dont know exactly what they're doing in this picture but oh my, there's a cake 'knife' involved..and ryan i like your hat..and matt umm..he's matt

this is matt trying to be sexy..but hes just matt..

this is corey trying to be sexy but hes laughing too much

i don't exactly know what this is


and now the performance scenes, poor ryan isn't in the picture

here is a fan enjoying the music

and again, performing

yep, they're posing and might i add, what a lovely purple bookbag

coreys talking talking talking...

Thanks guys, it was a great performance..even if it wasn't exactly 'real' Good job just the same. Lovely times, lovely times..

how bout we go back