Lidia's Life

Oh my, Lidia Louise Linkinstein is so beautiful. She is such a pretty kitten. Not at pretty as Ki or Moolie, but a close second.

Look at Lidia's beauty and grace, she is so innocent.

Lidia's so innocent, she can do no wrong

Oh look, Lidia meets a new friend at the local bar.

Maybe you should know a little about our dear Lidia's past. To some, she's muffin; to others, she's Lidia; and to other, she's Linda. She's had a hard life but the family she's with is making it easier...although they give her much love, she cannot rid herself of her rebellious ways. Ki tries to teach her the right ways to live, but she just doesn't see it his way. Unfortunately for Lidia, Ki's right. She should realize this soon...or something terrible will happen. *insert 'doomed' music here*

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