Our Serious Crap


ok here is our history and you better not question it....i'm making it as short as possible because it's a very long story....we met in religion but really didn't become friends until 7th (yea i know it says that we weren't up there pay attention dammit) then *someone* (unnamed) turned me on brittany and it was horrible (no questions about this, thank you) just before 8th grade started i decided to apologize to brittany for being such a bitch all 7th grade year and we decided to make friends. we were becoming really really good friends so i guess *someone* got jealous and decided to drop me...of course i was very upset but oh well....i don't need *someone* anymore...i have brittany....since that point we've been the best of friends....and we've been grounded from each other for 2 weeks twice....AND THE GREAT PART IS WE ANNOY EVERYONE AND NO ONE UNDERSTANDS US! and we're going to be friends for a very very very long time.......SO HA BITCH

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