THIS IS HOW COOL ELMO IS...yes we're still little kids..SO WHAT?!

This is our lovely little area dedicated to the coolness of Elmo. I think after this you'll appreciate Elmo too!


I'm Elmo
I'm born on February 3rd
If you make fun of me, I'll call you a bird
I moved to Sesame Street in 1985
Thank God I brought my beehive
I'm a playful two year old
I don't have any mold

The Elmo Song

lalalala! lalalala! elmo's song! lalalala! lalalala! elmo's song! HE WROTE THE MUSIC! HE WROTE THE WORDS! THAT'S ELMO'S SONG! lalala! lalalala! lalala! lalalala! THAT'S ELMO'S SONG!

it goes something like that..


We wrote this song in religion class because it was goes to the tune of 'baby got back' YOU BETTER LOVE IT! (and yes i know it has nothing to do with elmo...BUT HE LOVES IT!)

I like large kittens and I cannot lie
All of you other ghetto sisters cannot deny
When a french hen walks in with an itty-bitty brain
It may start to rain
Oh you know the "he"
Eats some bees
Let's all laugh at Kayla
But you know we can't betray ha
You know I hate KKK
Sometimes you are so gay
What's the answer to #5
Maybe I should live in a beehive
Let's all eat those soda desks
I'm tellin you now, you better not make a mess
Low pitched voices
All of those healthy snack choices
We need somebody to entertain us
Maybe we can use DVD's to go on a bus
Someday the green dots will disappear
Tell me, do you enjoy this square tear?

now is that talent or what?!

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